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Cut Wire Shot



Cut Wire Shot is manufactured from high quality wire that is cut to length equal to its diameter. Cut Wire Shot can be used as cut or it can be conditioned where the sharp edges are removed, this product is used in the Shot Peening of components.

Cut Wire shot can out last cast shot up to 10 times as the cut wire shot does not break down as cast products do. If there is less Breakdown of the blasting media there will be less dust and less service contamination.




Cut Wire Shot Sizes(mm)

Cut Wire Sizes Size (inch)

Equivalent Cast Steel Shot Size


CW 35



CW 41



CW 47



CW 62



CW 78



Hardness Ranges:

Carbon Steel : Type 1070 

Regular:     HRC 45-50 

Standard:  HRC 50-55

High:           HRC 55-60

Chemical Composition: 

Carbon: 0.45 to 0.85

Manganese: 0.30 to 1.30

Phosphorus: 0.040 Max

Sulphur 0.050 Max

Silicon: 0.15 to 0.35 max


We Manufacture As Cut and Conditioned cut wire shot to your specifications and needs.


SAE J441 Cut Wire Shot, AMS 2431, VDF 8001

Packaging: 25 kg bags 

40 Bags packed on Pallet (1000kg)  


You can be sure that our products always meet the latest standards and your requirements.

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